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HIK VISION DS-7204HQHI-K1 Real Time HD-TVI 4 BNC Based Camera DVR Unit With HDMI and VGA Plus Network Capacity. 

A 1080P 2MP CCTV Recorder 4 BNC Cameras Only.  

This cut down version represents the most cost effective HD recorder available, and offers half real time recording on all cameras in 1920 x 1080p Full HD 2MP images.

This fully backwards compatible DVR unit uses a new transmission system on coaxial cables called HD-TVI. 

This enables images up to 2MP to be viewed with no LAG or loss of picture quality on coaxial cables, giving full 1080P images without the need to re-cable your site. 

Should you wish to cable your installation with networking cables, the HIKVISION HD-TVI balun may be used to take advantage of this cable type, (twisted pair cables) designated DS-1H18 - sold in pairs if required. 

This can be watched locally on a monitor or streamed over the network or internet to a computer, tablet or phone. 

Also has the capacity to view 1 IP camera should the need arise. 

The IP camera must be ONVIF Compatible, ideally HIKVISION to ensure compatibility.  

Transmission distances are up to 500M on a single cable span, (coaxial cable). 

We recommend using HIKVISION Cameras with this recorder for full compatibility and the high resolution benefits that can be attained this way. 

Full PTZ control with Pelco-C HIK Coaxitron (HIKVISION only) over the coaxial cables. 

As this unit has many onboard features you would expect a hard to use piece of equipment, however the user interface is clear and in full English whilst being easy to use and intuitive. 

A simple plug and play option is by far the best feature, reducing costs and making installation a far simpler affair, simply plug it in and you’re finished.

No Network knowledge is required as everything is plug and play with smart P2P QR codes, auto port forward and a host of enhanced features also as standard makes this ideal for the home user or smaller retail outlet who desires full 1080P HD video IP recording on a budget. 

This recorder can set up its own port forwarding rules if required, (router must be PPPOE ready and enabled). 

This can be installed by a home owner or handy man easily and quickly with no prior knowledge of the systems using ready made BNCcables, shotgun cables or coaxial cables. . 

Due to the large number of pixels on a picture, (video stream from the cameras) digital zoom is now a truly viable option, this allows you to zoom in on an area of the picture during recording and playback whilst still recording the entire image giving an obvious advantage over optical zoom cameras that will see a smaller and smaller area the more you zoom in.

Furthermore, you can transfer video and audio to an external device, which can be monitored by a remote PC or on a local monitor in full HD if required. 

This recorder supports ONVIF cameras and selected 360 degree fish eye hemispheric cameras also. 

19" Rack Mount brackets included, 1U high. 

This recorder represents the entry level HD-TVI recorder, for higher specification unist see the DS-7200HUHI, 7300HQHI, 7300HUHI series recorders, these boast higher resolution support and larger HDD capacity. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Up to 4 cameras supported up to a maximum resolution of 2MP (1920 X 1080P) 
  • 1 X IP camera may be added if required 
  • compatible with HIKVISION TURBO cameras HD-TVI format 
  • compatible with Standard Definition cameras (PAL UK/Europe format rated in TVL)
  • H.264/MJPEG Video Compression
  • G.711/723/726 Audio Compression
  • 4 Channel Plug And Play 
  • 4 Cameras may be used
  • 1 channel audio input
  • Alarm Inputs X 4 / Outputs X 1 + email alert capability
  • Up to 100fps 
  • Full HD @ 25fps per cameras 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • VGA output
  • HDMI 720p/1080p Output
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Ports
  • 4 X BNC Camera Ports 
  • PTZ and Network PTZ support
  • Smartphone/Remote PC Compatible 
  • 1 X SATA HDD Supported up to 6TB in size 

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