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The GSD Keypad, ( GSDs-1KP ) single door keypad.

This is designed primarily to provide a low cost solution for use on doors which cannot be locked but where security needs to be maintained. 

The GSDs-1KP is fully tamper proof, and the alarm will sound if tampered with. 

Weatherproof to IP66 with a fully potted board makes this safe to use indoors or outside. 

This can be used as a direct replacement for the Selec Systems SDGA3 Keypad series.  (in particular the SS-SDGA3KP1 and SDGA3KP2 to fit the SDGA3 Kit) 

It is particularly useful for doors leading from the sales floor to stock room areas in shops and stores to warn of unauthorized access.

The staff gain entry by entering a simple four digit code.

A return button on the secured side of the door allows return back through the door.

Individual staff and management codes allow for control of the alarm unit.

The unit can also be used with a maglock where a door is required to be secured, alarm contacts can be added. 

A sounder can be wired to this also if required. 

The alarm can be used with two keypads one on either side of the door where higher security access is required/both sides of the door require protection.

Colour Black and Silver. 

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