HD Bullet Cameras
Full HD Bullet Cameras - Weatherproof and intended for Outdoor use where visibility is required as a deterrent, or where picture quality is more important than discretion then the bullet camera is an excellent choice. 
Given the larger size of the cameras and the overt nature, the mere presence of these will make your average criminal pause for thought. 
The Bullet Camera is the ultimate camera for external CCTV monitoring, the length and width of the body allows for a larger lens to be fitted giving a better zoom ratio if required. 
All of the Bullet cameras are now fitted with split glass optics to eliminate the IR bleed that plagues traditional style dome cameras that have IR built in and refraction caused by bad weather are also dramatically reduced, ultimately resulting n far better picture quality as a result. 
Many also offer IR functions for better vision at night as well as a number of other refinements also, and as all of the cameras are available as branded or own label versions, there really is a camera for every budget and situation. 
All of the cameras in this section are weatherproof, vandal resistant and will work with any BNC based standard definition DVR unit, these are plug an play with most systems. 

Video formats in this section are:
Samsung: AHD
Dahua: HD-CVI  
Samsung SCB-6003 Indoor AHD 2MP HD Internal CCTV Box Body BNC Camera
Samsung SCB-6003 Full HD AHD Internal Box Body Camera With WDR, (No Lens - CS Mount Video/DC)&nbs..
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D5T-VFIT3 Weatherproof IR BNC Bullet Camera 1080P HD Varifocal
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D5T-VFIT3 EXIR External Vandal Resistant and Weather Proof Bullet Ca..
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D1T-IT1 3.6mm Lens IR BNC Bullet Camera HD UK
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D1T-IT1 External Bullet Camera With a 3.6mm Fixed Focus Lens Wi..
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D9T-AIRAZH 5-50mm Motorized Varifocal Lens IR BNC Bullet Camera 1080P HD WDR
HIKVISION TURBO DS-2CE16D9T-AIRAZH External Bullet Camera With 5-50mm Motorized Varifoc..
Samsung SCO-6023R WiseNet HD+ Series AHD IR Full HD 2MP Bullet Outdoor
Samsung WiseNet HD+ Series SCO-6023R Full HD 2MP Ultra High Resolution BNC Bullet Camera - Finish..
Samsung SCO-6083R WiseNet HD+ Series AHD IR Full HD 2MP Varifocal CCTV Bullet
Samsung WiseNet HD+ Series SCO-6083R Full HD 2MP Ultra High Resolution BNC Bullet Camera With 2.8..
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