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HIKVISION DS-9664NI-I8 64 Camera NVR Unit 

A Network Video Recorder For Up To 64 IP Cameras Only.  

4K Cameras Supported, Up To 12MP. 

With this Network Video Recorder, (or NVR for short) you can record and play the video and audio signal from up to 64 IP based network cameras at up to 5MP per camera giving simply fantastic quality of image. 

Up to 320Mbps shared camera bandwidth, (incoming) and 160Mbps outgoing for smooth playback. 

A Gigabit Ethernet LAN port is fitted for the 64 cameras to be connected, (Please note, a POE switch will be required to do this) and this LAN port will also carry the data to the rest of the network and to the router. 

19" Rack Mount brackets included, 2U high. 

ONVIF camera Compatible.  

We recommend using HIKVISION Cameras with this recorder for full compatibility. 

This can be installed by a home owner or handy man easily and quickly with no prior knowledge of the systems using ready made good quality networking cables. 

As this recorder does not have a POE switch built in to power the cameras and will require a separate POE switch to be used. 

The NVR has 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, and as such there is 1 port for LAN and the second port can be used for the cameras, so if needed the cameras can be put on a seperate LAN network range for security reasons effectively making a network within a network. (Cameras IP Range set from the NVR with DHCP will be different from your LAN IP range) so nobody will be able to access your cameras directly unless they have the login information of the NVR or connection to the camera network directly.

If correctly installed and protected this system is highly secure, and this is very safe - no .password = no access. 

Due to the large number of pixels on a picture, (video stream from the cameras) digital zoom is now a truly viable option, this allows you to zoom in on an area of the picture during recording and playback whilst still recording the entire image giving an obvious advantage over optical zoom cameras that will see a smaller and smaller area the more you zoom in, this is especially true of 360 cameras.

Furthermore, you can transfer video and audio to an external device, which can be monitored by a remote PC or on a local monitor in full HD if required. 

This recorder supports ONVIF cameras and selected 360 degree fish eye hemispheric cameras also. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Up to 64 cameras supported up to a maximum resolution of 12MP 
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports, (2 X 1000Mbps LAN Ports) 
  • compatible with HIKVISION fish eye 360 cameras 
  • Dewarping Of Fish Eye Cameras On NVR Live Screen 
  • Third party cameras are also supported 
  • H.264/H.264+/MJPEG Video Compression 
  • G.711/723/726 Audio Compression 
  • 1 channel BNC audio input plus 32 X RJ45 audio input 
  • 2 X BNC audio out 
  • Alarm Input/Outputs + email alert capability 
  • Up to 1920fps Total 
  • Full HD @ 30fps per cameras (4CH) decoding 
  • 320Mbps incoming shared network camera input bandwidth
  • 160Mbps outgoing bandwidth 
  • 1 X BNC Output 
  • 2 X VGA output Up to 1920x1080P 
  • 1 X HDMI Output, (4K) 
  • 1 X HDMI 720p/1080p Output 
  • This unit can display 2 separate HDMI monitors at the same time, and the user may split the cameras between the monitors as required. (example: 64 cameras on screen 1, 1 camera on screen 2 or 32 cameras on each) 
  • 3 x USB ports 
  • Up to 64 X IP cameras may be added if required 
  • 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Port For LAN Connection 
  • 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Port For Camera Connection, (POE Switch) 
  • PTZ support
  • Smartphone/Remote PC Compatible 
Video/Audio Input
IP Video Input: 

DS-9664NI-I8 64 channel Up To 320Mbps (200Mbps If Using RAID) 

Two-way Audio:  1-ch BNC(2.0Vp-p, 1kΩ)
Video/Audio Output
VGA Output:  1-ch, resolution: 
2560x1140 / 1920×1080P / 60Hz,1600×1200 / 60Hz,1280×1024 / 60Hz, 1280×720 / 60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz 
CVBS Output:  1-ch, BNC (1.0 Vp-p, 75 Ω)
Resolution: 704 × 576 (PAL); 704 × 480 (NTSC)
HDMI Output:  1-ch, resolution:
4K (3840 × 2160) / 1920 × 1080P / 60Hz, 1920×1080P / 50Hz, 1600 × 1200 / 60Hz, 1280 × 1024 / 60Hz, 1280 × 720 / 60Hz, 1024 × 768 / 60Hz
Recording resolution:  12MP / 8MP / 6MP / 5MP / 4MP / 3MP / 2MP AKA 1920x1080P / UXGA / 720P / VGA / 4CIF / DCIF / 2CIF / CIF / QCIF
Audio Output:  2-ch BNC(Linear electrical level, 600Ω)
Playback Resolution:  12MP / 8MP / 6MP / 5MP / 4MP / 3MP / 2MP AKA 1920x1080P / UXGA / 720P / VGA / 4CIF / DCIF / 2CIF / CIF / QCIF 
Synchronous Playback:  16-ch
Capability  4-ch @4K, or 16-ch @ 1080p
Hard Disk Driver
Interface Type:  8 SATA interfaces - Select from up to 4 HDDs + 1 DVD-R/W (default), or 8HDDs (DVD Drive Removed) 
Capacity:  Up to 6TB capacity for each disk (MAXIMUM OF 48TB)
e-SATA Interface:  1 eSATA interface
External Interface
Network Interface:  2 RJ45 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet interfaces
USB Interface:  3 USB2.0 interfaces
Serial Interface:  1RS-485 interface, 1 RS-232 interface, 1 RS-485 keyboard interface
Alarm Input:  16-ch
Alarm Output:  4-ch
Power Supply:  100~240 VAC, 6.3A, 50~60Hz
Consumption:  ≤45W
Working Temperature:  -10°C ~ +55°C (14 °F ~ 131 °F)
Working Humidity:  10% ~ 90%
Chassis:  19-inch rack-mounted 2U chassis
Dimensions:  445 × 470 × 90 mm (17.52" ×18.5"× 3.54")(W x D x H)
Weight:  ≤ 10 kg (22 lb) ( without hard disk or DVD-R/W )


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