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Product Code: Selnet SS-ST3-B
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The SS-ST3-B Counter Cache is intended to store paper money, cheques and vouchers in a safe location other than the till, ideal for use in cash businesses such as fast food retailers, pawn shops, restaurants, clothing stores and market stalls where space is an issue or secure storage is required. 

This particular unit, the SS-ST3-B has a large L shaped mounting allowing it to be mounted under a desk or against a wall or side of a counter. 

Excess bank notes are stored in a secure removable box that can be locked into place and removed at will, (secured by a key). 

This works by acting as a secure overflow for the till, or as a risk management tool. 

Why risk keeping too much cash in the cash register drawer?

Take away temptation for staff to steal by installing the Selec SS-ST3-B till safe.

A different key removes the cassette from the Slot Box for additional security, enabling the staff to remove the box from the desk, but without the second key they will find it impossible to open unless management are also present with the second key.

Reduce the "snatch and grab" robbery risk and reduce the danger to employees.

Due to the design of the slot box, this is also fish proof, preventing individuals from pulling out deposited banknotes.

It is constructed out of robust powder coated steel, and the design also prevents breaking into the case and tampering.

The SS-ST3-B optimizes safe cash handling, enabling store managers to transport cash securely from the point-of-sale through to the cash office at a safe and convenient time.

The SS-ST3-B has a high capacity, typically supporting a full day's trading, for busy establishments several units may be used as the design is compact. 

In particularly busy stores several ST series cash boxes may be used. 


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