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Trust OXXTRON 1000VA UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 

Suitable for use with PC, MAC, CCTV, DVR, CAMERAS and all other devices that require backup power. 

Compact, reliable 1000VA battery back-up UPS with 3 surge protected power outlets Keeps your PC up and running when the power goes down giving you time to save important data and avoid damaged hardware Ideal for use at home or small office.

Compact size and 1000VA battery capacity that's sufficient for a stand-alone PC Surge protected outputs and AVR function to protect connected devices against damage from power surges, spikes and fluctuations.

Clear optical and acoustic indicators for power source and low battery Overload and short circuit protection. 

Up to 20,000 euro waranty agains any product that may sustain damage from power surges, spikes and brownouts. 

A lightning strike or a broken power cable can put an end to your work on the computer just like that. Prevent the loss of important data with the latest UPS security device from Trust.

A power failure can have disastrous consequences for your digital data.

After hours of work at the computer, having to start all over again doesn't bear thinking about.

Trust prevents this scenario with a series of new UPS devices. The new Oxxtron UPS from Trust is an uninterrupted power supply which ensures that electronic devices don't break down during a power failure. The Oxxtron UPS is also protects your equipment against overload and short circuit.

Connect your PC, monitor or other expensive equipment to one of the ports and you don't have to worry any more about losing data.  


Technical Specifications:

3 surge protected outputs 
240V AC power output 
240V AC mains plug power input 
Product size (HxWxD): 160 x 95 x 320 mm
Product weight (net): 6.892kg

Package contents

  • UPS unit
  • 2x loop through power cables
  • User’s guide


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