Cash Management

Made from welded steel plates the cash till and wallet box safes are very strong.

They are tamper resistant with letter box styled "anti-fish" slots and very strong keylocks.

The cash till safes can be mounted out of sight under the cash desks/till positions for easy, safe storage and money transfer by employees and managers while wallet boxes provide safe storage of the cash wallets.

Selnet  SS-ST3-B Side Wall Mounting Cash Till Safe Counter Cache Deposit Box
The SS-ST3-B Counter Cache is intended to store paper money, cheques and vouchers in a safe locat..
Selnet SS-ST1 Cash Till Safe Counter Cache Money Bank Note Deposit Box
The SS-ST1 Counter Cache is intended to store excess bank notes, acting as a secure overflow for ..
Selnet SS-ST1-B Cash Till Safe With Side Mounting Bracket Counter Cache
The SS-ST1-B Is identical to the SS-ST1 but has an added side bracket to allow for a more flexibl..
Selec SS-ST4 Large Cash Wall Mounted Letter box Style Steel Case Post Notes Money
Selec Security Products SS-ST4 Cash Box - Large letter box style unit designed to store mail, cash b..
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