Brand: Selnet
Product Code: Selnet SS-ST1-B
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The SS-ST1-B Is identical to the SS-ST1 but has an added side bracket to allow for a more flexible installation.

The ST1-B series counter cache is intended to store excess bank notes, acting as a secure overflow for the till, or as a risk management tool. 

Secure side mounting fits to the top of the cash box and screws to the side of a desk or counter rather than the underside of a desk. 

This additional L shaped steel bracket can be easily removed as required. 

The internal box collects the bank notes, and is fish proof and can be used to safely transport money from the till to the office or main safe. 

When internal collector is removed the only way to open this is with a separate key, this is held by the management typically.

Drastically reduces the "snatch and grab" robbery risk and reduce the danger to employees.

It is constructed out of robust powder coated steel, and the design also prevents breaking into the case and tampering.

The SS-ST1-B optimizes safe cash handling, enabling store managers to transport cash securely from the point-of-sale through to the cash office at a safe and convenient time and has a high capacity, typically supporting a full days trading, for busy establishments several units may be used as the design is compact.

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