Brand: Selnet
Product Code: Selec SS-ST4
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Selec Security Products SS-ST4 Cash Box - Large letter box style unit designed to store mail, cash bundles and wallets or similar items.

Why risk keeping too much cash wallets lying around?

Take away temptation by installing the Selec SS-ST4 cash wallet box.

The box can be wall mounted, if required this can also be recessed into a wall.

The SS-ST4 has a strong steel key and lock, the keys and lock are modular and can be easily replaced should you need to do this. 

To access the unit unlock and then swing open the hinged door. 

The cash wallet box reduces the "snatch and grab" robbery risk and reduce the danger to employees.

Due to the design of the slot box, it is fish proof, preventing individuals from pulling out deposited cash wallets or bundles. 

It's robust steel design also prevents breaking into the case and tampering.

The SS-ST4 optimizes safe cash handling, enabling store managers to store cash wallets securely. 

This can be used for mail also if required in a large office or similar situation where secure post storage is needed. 

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