CCTV Monitors
Selnet supplies a wide range of CCTV monitors for use with CCTV systems, in LED, LCD or TFT, all monitors are flat screen and most can be wall or desk mounted. 
Many of the monitors have BNC Inputs and LOOP outputs also as well as VGA and or DVI or HDMI for use with the new systems to take advantage of the 720P and 1080P resolution revolution of recent years. 
These are suitable for use with standard definition CCTV recorders, HD-SDI recorders, PC based CCTV platforms or the new IP network range of security recorders. 
These range in size from 17" upwards and have a range of aspect ratios for the intended systems, available in 4:3, (Traditional square monitor) or 16:9 (widescreen monitor format) and all are intended to be left operating 24/7 without suffering issues like image burn. 
These range in features and are suitable for any budget and any installation. With various sizes available, there really is a monitor for any situation. 
The monitors supplied are suitable for both public awareness and control monitors.
HIKVISION DS-1H33 HD-TVI BNC Video Loop Through Adapter BNC To HDMI Public View Monitor
Hikvision HD-TVI adapter to allow monitoring of a camera feed in Full HD on a shop floor monitor.&nb..
Samsung SMT-1935 CCTV Monitor 19" LED HDMI VGA BNC 4:3 aspect Ratio HD
Samsung SMT-1935 19" high resolution LED monitor with built in speakers, HDMI and BNC inputs.&nbs..
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