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Hikvision HD-TVI adapter to allow monitoring of a camera feed in Full HD on a shop floor monitor. 


The HIKVISION DS-1H33 HD-TVI converter can convert the inputting HD-TVI signal to an output HDMI signal.

This item supports all the video resolutions of HD-TVI.

1 HD-TVI camera input is split into:

1 channel HD-TVI loop out, (to DVR)

1 HDMI Output, (to local monitor / entrance monitor / Public viewing monitor)



Key Features:

1-ch HD-TVI input, 1-ch HD-TVI loop out and 1-ch HDMI output.

Supports all the standards of HD-TVI, including V2.0 video standard signal

Converts HD-TVI video signal effectively.

Lossless and uncompressed transmission.

Satisfies the requirements of working in high or low temperature.

Up to 100000 hours of mean time between failures.

 12V DC regulated output power supply is included, (UK plug) 

NOTE: the monitor will show ONLY the HD-TVI camera feed that is connected, not all the feeds from a recorder.


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