4 camera CCTV Kits
A Selection of branded and own brand complete 4 camera CCTV system kits that are completely plug and play. 

All these systems are Full HD or higher resolutions. 
The systems come with everything that is needed for setting up and installing the system, and a range of HDD options can be selected. 
This is a selection of 4 camera CCTV kits, and these will work straight out of the box with no specialist tools or prior knowledge required, ideal for the home or small retail user. 
For people wishing to customize the kit, please select items from the tabs on the left as required. 
HIKVISION 4 Camera CCTV Kit - Full HD-TVI DVR System Bundle In A Box
HIKVISION HD-TVI Complete System - This Is A Complete CCTV Kit - Everything You Need In A Box.&nb..
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