Product Code: Hikvision EZVIZ CS-CV210-A0-52WFR (4mm)
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EZVIZ - the No.1 in the global video surveillance market

True-To-Life Video

See video the way your eyes see it with built-in HDR, which balances colours and light to match real life.

See Every Detail

The high-definition, wide-angle lens not only provides more detail but also greater coverage.

Designed for All Seasons

The C3S (Husky) has an IP66 rating, which means its dustproof, waterproof, and designed to handle a wide range of extreme weather and temperatures.

One-Cord Setup

Easily set up the C3S (Husky) by connecting and powering it with the same Ethernet cord. (Requires PoE equipment for power)

Real-Time Viewing

Once you connect it to your network, you can view HD video anytime from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you require is a WiFi or 3G (or better) connection.

Choose Where to Record

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your video footage. Cameras can record to: Built-In SD Card Slot, Encrypted Cloud Storage, EZVIZ NVR. You can even record to multiple storage options at the same time, in case a camera is damaged or your network goes down.

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