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The HAYDON HAY-PSU2A24 Is A 24V AC Power Supply Intended For CCTV Applications.

This is an inline power supply, (box on a wire style) with 1 X 2A bare wire output.

NOT Weatherproof, for indoor use only.

Typical uses are for powering PTZ CCTV Cameras or can also be used for door access controllers, electric releases and maglocks and standard CCTV cameras as well as a wide array of other uses. 

Manufactured and tested in Britain, this range of power supplies are all solid and dependable, allowing installers to fit and forget.

It is an ideal product for use where high reliability is required and where companies may have service or maintenance contracts for long periods of time.

These power supplies accept a standard mains voltage input of 230V AC at 50Hz (+/- 10%) (please note this is not 110V compatible, UK mains AC supply only) and will provide a total output of 2A at 24V AC. 

Technical Specifications:

  • 240v AC input
  • 24V AC output
  • 1 X 2A output, (bare wire) 
  • Indoor Use Only 
  • ABS Plastic Case  
  • Finished In Black 
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 105 x 92.5 x 65 mm

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