Product Protection Alarms

Product Loop Alarms - Anti Theft Devices.

Here at Selec we also design and build our own range of unique product loop alarms for effectively protecting a wide range of merchandise that is on display, this is an ideal way to securely allow customer interaction with items whilst maintaining a high level of security of the items. 
There is a range for every possible product, and any installation. 
There are battery and mains operated versions as well as mains powered units with a battery for backup. 
We also stock a number of physical security products for a wide variety of items. 
Selec SS-S10RP Battery Operated Stand Alone Product Loop Alarm Key Lock
Selec SS-S10RP battery operated loop alarm Suitable for protecting all kinds of merchandise,&..
Selec SS-S10RP/M Mains Powered Product Loop Alarm With Battery Backup
Selec SS-S10RP/M mains operated loop alarm with battery backup.  The S10RP/M is a mains ..
Selec SS-SDCC-R Retractable Dummy Fake Remote Control Protection Lead
Dummy retractable remote control protecton lead with two self adhesive limpet heads.   ..
Selec SS-SPA1 Battery Operated Portable Personal Attack Alarm Unit
Selec Security Products SS-SPA1 Battery Operated Personal Attack Alarm. Stay safe with the Selec SS-..
Selec SS-STABL/R 50 Resistive Loop Alarm Security Tabs Pink Sensor Tags
Pack of 50 restive loop alarm security tabs. The conducted electricity passes through an ..
Selec SS-SLR1 1M PHONO RCA Loop Alarm Extension For S10RP Unit Range
1m phono, (also known as RCA connectors) plug to socket extension lead suitable for extending loo..
Selec SS-SLR2 2M Black RCA Phono Extension Cable For Loop alarm Units
2m phono plug to socket extension lead suitable for extending loop alarm system and for thre..
Selec SS-SA1 Single Limpet Switch Secures 1 Item For Product Loop Alarm
Single limpet switch in a 1 metre loop and is suitable for protecting a wide range of products on..
Selec SS-SA2 Double Limpet Switch Secures 2 Items Use With S10RP 1M RCA
A double limpet switch in a 1 meter loop for use with the standard loop alarms. Suitable for prot..
Selec SS-SJCM Superstrip Junction System Control/Alarm Unit
The Superstrip control/ alarm unit is used with up tp eight of  the SSJ8 junction strips. Th..
Selec SS-SSJ8 Superstrip 8 Way Junction Strip Extension Jack Plug Loop
The SSJ/8 junction strip with eight socket outlets is used with the SSJ/C control alarm unit. A t..
Selec SS-SJA1 1M Limpet Lead use with Superstrip
Selec SS-SJA1 1m Limpet Lead Single limpet switch on a 1.2 metre lead for use with the Supers..
Selec SS/JEL1 1.2M Eyeloop Lead Loop Alarm System Use With SSJC Control Equipment
A single eye-loop on a 1.2 meter lead for use with the Super strip ..
Selec SS-SW1 100 X Replacement Loop Alarm Limpet Switch Sticky Pads - Blue Replacements
Pack of 100 Sticky Pads for Limpet Switches. Fits all Selec Security Product Limpet Switches ..
Selec SS-STABL/N 50 Non-Resistive Loop Alarm Security Tabs Conductive Pink Tab
Pack of 50 non-restive loop alarm security tabs. These tabs do not have a built in resistor, an..
Selec SS-SJELS Retractable Eyeloop Lead
4M Eyeloop lead for use with SS-SJ series control boxes. This PVC covered cable 3mm in diameter, ..
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