Brand: RGL
Product Code: RGL FRM100
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RGL FRM100 fire relay module

A dual voltage 12v DC / 24v AC, 50mA input fire relay with double output mains rated contacts to switch 5 amps. Used to operate a low current input at 12v DC or 24v AC to switch a higher voltage at 5 amps. Suitable for high voltage/current access control switching. This unit connects to a power supply output. When a signal is received from a fire system, it will cut the power. Ideal for use with access control on fire doors


  • Dual power 12v DC or 24v AC, 50mA input
  • Switches up to 5 amp
  • Suitable for fire door access control/door hold
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 70 x 39 x 20

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