100M High Quality CCTV Video Coax Cable Black Shotgun RG59 2 Core Power
  100m High Quality Black Shotgun RG59 + 2 Core Power CCTV Video Cable  A high ..
Ready Made 18M, (66 Feet) Shotgun Coaxial And Power Siamese CCTV Cable Easy Fix Push Fit Plugs Black BNC Video
Selec Security Products 18M Siamese Cable, (also called Shotgun) For CCTV Camera Use. This h..
Selec SS-45CM 450mm Internal Circular Convex Security Mirror Black ABS
Selec SS-45CM Black 450mm External Circular Convex Security Mirror - Poly car..
Selec SS-BNCF-F Female to Female BNC Connector Cable Extension CCTV HD
Selec SS-BNCF-F Female to Female BNC Connector  Connects 2 BNC cables togeather, in line..
Selec SS-BNCM-3P 3 Piece Crimp Component BNC Male Connector CCTV RG59
Selec SS-BNCM-3P 3 Piece Crimp BNC Male Connector for CCTV Coaxial Cables    &nbs..
Selec SS-BNCM-FF Male to 2X Female BNC Connector T Shape Split Signal
Selec BNCM-FF Male to 2 x Female BNC Connector  'T' shaped CCTV camera cable split conne..
Selec SS-BNCM-M Male BNC Connector CCTV In Line Cable Extender Joint
Selec SS-BNCM-M male to male BNC Connector for extending a CCTV video cable  For use wit..
Selec SS-DCF Female Power CCTV Cable Connector For Cameras 2.1mm 5.5mm
Selec SS-DCF Female DC Connector, (2.1mm inner pin and 5.5mm outer) Attaches to 2 core cabl..
Selec SS-DCM Male Power CCTV Cable Connector For Cameras 2.1mm X 5.5mm
Selec SS-DCM Male DC Connector (2.1mm X 5.5mm) Attaches to 2 core cable (+ve and -ve) C..
Selec SS-EN-DCM5 Female to 5 Male Connector CCTV Power Split Adaptor
Selec SS-EN-DCM5 Female DC to 5 Male DC Connectors (2.1 X 5.5mm) Converts 1 x 2.1 X 5.5mm f..
Selec SS-EN-DCM8 Female DC to 8 Male 2.1mm X 5.5mm CCTV Power Splitter
Selec SS-EN-DCM8 Female DC to 8 Male DC Connectors (2.1mm X 5.5mm) Converts 1 x 2.1mm ..
Selec SS-SPA1 Battery Operated Portable Personal Attack Alarm Unit
Selec Security Products SS-SPA1 Battery Operated Personal Attack Alarm. Stay safe with the Selec SS-..
Selec SS-ST1 Cash Till Safe Counter Cache Money Bank Note Deposit Box
The SS-ST1 Counter Cache is intended to store excess bank notes, acting as a secure overflow for ..
Selec SS-ST1-B Cash Till Safe With Side Mounting Bracket Counter Cache
The SS-ST1-B Is identical to the SS-ST1 but has an added side bracket to allow for a more flexibl..
Selec SS-ST3-B Side Wall Mounting Cash Till Safe Counter Cache Deposit Box
The SS-ST3-B Counter Cache is intended to store paper money, cheques and vouchers in a safe locat..
Selec SS-ST4 Large Cash Wall Mounted Letter box Style Steel Case Post Notes Money
Selec Security Products SS-ST4 Cash Box - Large letter box style unit designed to store mail, cash b..
Selec SS-CD08 Internal Cream Dummy Fake Dome Camera Angled Corner Fit
Internal dummy dome camera, Effective deterrent against shoplifters. ..
305M CAT6 Solid Copper Core LAN Network IP CCTV Camera Suitable For POE Grey
305M High Quality CAT 6 E Computer, CCTV, Networking Cable With Solid Copper Cores  A ve..
RGL ML1200 Standard RGL Door Access 12V DC 24V AC Maglock 1200Lbs 545KG
RGL ML1200 standard maglock A standard maglock for use with most access control / e..
RGL ML1200-M Standard Monitored Maglock 1200lbs 545 kg Door Access AC DC
RGL ML1200-M standard monitored maglock A standard monitored maglock for use with m..
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